Langham in Rutland
Flora & Fauna
There is no doubt that the parish of Langham is a haven for wildlife. Apart from the built-up village there is a large area of farmland, the total area of the parish covers some 5.5Km west to east, and 3.5Km north to south. Some fifty per cent of the farmland is cultivated with wheat and barley, oil-seed rape and peas and beans. The remainder is pasture-land for sheep, some cattle and as Langham is in the area of the Cottesmore Hunt and includes the playing field of the Rutland Polo Club, there are many horses in the fields, some of which are just used by those who are keen riders. Trees are rather sparse throughout the parish, but there are a number of small copses. A brook runs through the centre of the village. There is a wide variety of wildlife in the Parish and this was confirmed by surveys made in 1996-8 by a team of 24 village volunteers. Individuals surveyed separate sections of the parish to cover the major part including some residential areas, recording their sightings to form an overall report. Most of the surveying on open land was made from footpaths or roads but permission was obtained to go on private land off the paths where it was useful to do so. Following the surveys, it was decide to set up a small wildlife park in the village, as land had become available that was no longer required for allotments.
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