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The village has many old houses, the oldest dating from the 12th & 15th century with timber post and frame construction and clad later in the 17th century with stone, some have Collyweston slate and some have thatched roofing. Those of brick include some in a pleasing mixture of red and blue bricks. The largest house in the village is the Old Hall, which has a fine gatehouse with turret which has both clock and weather - vain dials on its four sides. The large grounds are surrounded by a high stone wall. Other large houses, include the Manor and Langham House. Ther are numerous newer houses of all sizes, with a number of closes of houses of matching designs, as well as those which in-fill between older houses, not always in the best of taste. Outside the main part of the village is a complex of small chalets and static caravans, with a site for touring caravans and tents. A number of the older large houses have been carefully modernised and divided up into apartments or multiple occupancy houses. This has ensured that the fabric has been carefully maintained, something which was proving increasing difficult for single occupancy owners.
Langham in Rutland