Butterflies abound, particularly in gardens, starting in the spring with orange tips, gatekeepers and holly blues. Later, other common species appear, small tortoiseshell, peacock, painted lady, red admiral and a few comma. Of course the numbers vary from year to year. Records also include the less common speckled wood, small skipper and the silver-Y day-flying moth. There are many night-flying moths recorded, and in a few seasons during the daytime, the spectacular hummingbird hawkmoth appeared. The surveyors did not in general, identify the numerous species of bees, or any of the smaller insects of which there are very many where there are flowering plants. The southern hawker dragonfly and damselflies are sometimes seen and occasional ‘specials’ have been the hawthorn shield bug and the Western Conifer Seedbug ‘Leptoglossus occidentalis’ a USA native and recent introduction to the UK.
Langham in Rutland ©