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Langham News Page - 1 This issue comes to you courtesy of “A Langham Resident” Editorial: Many thanks to the ‘Langham Resident’ who has sponsored the first edition of 2015 but prefers to  remain anonymous. Thanks also for their donation to Roy and Brenda Witcomb. Copy date came very soon after the Festive Season so well done to everyone for getting your contributions  to us. There are a few village organisations which rarely, if ever, send us their news or details of events –  we would love to hear from you. We were sorry to hear of the death of former evacuee John Carter who, back in 2000, was kind enough to  allow the Langham News to publish his memories of evacuation. They made fascinating reading. John was a  keen reader and supporter of the Langham News until his final illness. His last visit to the village was for the  unveiling of the evacuees’ plaque in the Village Hall. This is about the only time of year that Langham doesn’t look good. Muddy ruts in the grass verges and heaps  of last autumn’s leaves in the gutters. Oh for the days of a village road-sweeper with his brush and barrow! Our next copy date is Monday 9th March. Langham Cricket Club – John Findlay Langham Cricket Club completed its seventh season (in its modern guise) having won seven out of fourteen  games. We have a squad of fifteen players from the village and despite the fact we have no cricket pitch we  continue to surprise many established sides, within and beyond Rutland, with the quality and enthusiasm of  our batting, bowling, fielding, pie consumption and post-match celebration.  Highlights of the 2014 season include a splendid tour to north Norfolk with three wins out of four and a  nail-biting last ball defeat to a strong Oakham side on a steamy July evening.  The season was dissected and celebrated in fine style at our annual dinner in late November; this year in  a ‘tent’ outside the Wheatsheaf – many thanks to Mike and his team for organizing this for us. Prizes were  awarded to categories as far reaching as ‘cock-up of the year’, batsman, bowler and all-rounder of the year,  most impressive injury - and of course, the hotly contested ‘greatest collection of ducks’. Names are withheld  for legal reasons, but can be provided for a suitable bribe. As always, cricket is somewhat incidental to the success of our team. This is a collection of cricketers, friends  and families that add hugely to the life of our village.  We start again with our winter training every Tuesday night from February 10th. Call John on 07976 263 441  if you would like to have a bash! Langham Baptist Church – Pat Heath Things were fairly quiet towards the end of the year with little to report. It was, as always, a pleasure to be  part of the joint Christmas service at the Parish Church and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Our final service of the year was taken by David Fox who comes to preach to us on a regular basis and, on  this occasion, led us in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Tommy Suthern on his 103rd birthday. This was followed  by tea and a cake with candles. Now we have put the Christmas tree away for another year and hope that the weather over the next few  months allows us to continue our meetings without any mishaps. Unfortunately, another large branch of the  pine tree in the churchyard has snapped off but not caused any damage to headstones. May we wish all of you a healthy and happy New Year and welcome you to join us at any of our services in 2015. February 2015 Issue: 167 © 2015 The Langham News Editorial Team: Gill Frisby,   Joyce Terrett & Rosemary Wright Contacts: 16 Orchard Road or News for the people of Langham from the people of Langham The Langham News
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