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Nature Notes by Bob Sheridan - Index

2019 April - I am writing this on the last day of February after several days of the most glorious weather… February - December 2018 ended with a mild spell of weather which prolonged the season for many plants… 2018 October - It is the end of October and the nights are getting colder… August - I can't remember seeing such a dry month at this time of year June - March and April certainly produced some contrasting weather, from bitter cold to April - The last two months have certainly seen a variety of weather conditions, rain, hail, snow February - It is the beginning of January and the snow and ice has gone, at least for the time being 2017 December - David Suter called me over into his field to look at some large wasps October - July and August provided plenty of challenges for our wild life August - Every year I am fascinated by the way plants have evolved to flower in a specific order June - April was certainly a month of contrasting weather April - A February count of the number of plants found flowering in the garden was surprising February - hedgerows have already been stripped of most of their fruits 2016 December - Some trees are still fully clothed with green leaves whilst others are already bare October - Good weather has enabled more time to be spent outside August - Blackthorn blossom has seamlessly transformed into that of the hawthorn June - Changeable weather in April reminded me that folklore has an element of truth about it April - The mild winter has certainly confused things this year February - Now that the leaves have fallen it is much easier to see the birds… 2015 December - The last few weeks have seen the autumn leaves put on another spectacular display… October - The summer has been quiet for the ground dwelling birds… August - Although the weather has been less than ideal there is always something to see…
Nature Notes is an initiative set up to form a more detailed archive of the natural history of Langham. It is a place where residents can add their observations in the form of articles, notes, lists or pictures. All records and reports are welcome, common species are as important as rarities and often give a clearer picture of the wildlife around us. Whether you are interested in a particular group or have a general interest, your contributions wil be welcome. Please email your reports , articles, photographs, queries or comments.
The 2015 to 2018 Notes will be available before end of March 2019
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