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Langham is a village in Rutland, two miles north of Oakham, and is surrounded by farmland. The Parish extends about 3.4 miles east to west and 2.3 miles north to south, enclosing an area of 2920 acres. The core residential part in a compact rectangular shape. There are also two satellite housing clusters Ranksborough on the western boundary and what was originally the site of the Cottesmore Hunt Kennels on the eastern boundary and a number of farming communities. There is a population of some twelve hundred people, a welcome mixture of the descendants of long established Langham families together with many newcomers who have moved in mostly over the last thirty years or so. The population covers a wide age range with many retired people, but also households with young families. To serve them there is a Primary School, which has around two hundred pupils, including children from surrounding villages. Altogether a lively village, with sociable people who are supportive of each other.
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