This wildlife site is on the edge of the village on land owned by the Parish Council. One area has been planted with a selection of mainly native trees. Among these bluebells, primroses and cowslips have been planted for a spring display. On another section, twenty-one of our villagers planted various shrubs whilst the rest of the site was divided into an area sown to create a wild flower meadow, and an additional grassed area for relaxation. The majority of the trees and shrubs have flourished, so that through the seasons there are wild roses, dogwood, guelder-rose and wayfaring-tree in flower, followed by displays of berries. The meadow has been slow to develop as yet, but various plants have been added to increase the show of flowers, so that there is a display of vetches, ox-eye daisy, bugle and fox-and-cubs, cowslips, primrose and bluebells in the spring. The site attracts numerous insects in the summer, highlights being the small skipper, many gatekeeper, meadow brown butterflies and grasshoppers. Small birds come to the hedgerows around the site. It is always good to see goldfinches feeding on the thistle seed heads. As the trees and shrubs grow to be more mature it is hoped to see birds nesting in the Woodlands.
The Woodlands
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