The Langham Manor Court Rolls for the period 1486 - 1546, some 90 pages of mediaeval Latin look to be a contemporary copy. An almost complete record, just a few records not available with some of the missing periods as a result of the village being in quarantine due to plague and no court taking place as a consequence. We continue to search without success to locate the Rolls for the period 1547 - 1715, we have located fragments for earlier and later dates and transcriptions of these will be made available on this site in due course. The documents record fines for non attendance at court, the appointment of officers, award of licences for brewing ale, property and land transfers, fines for allowing property and land to fall into decay, evidence of merchants ignoring the court and villagers being fined for misdemeanour’s. The family names listed help to build a picture of who was living in the village at the time and when compared with earlier and later documents show how those families increased in wealth or just faded away. You can read the document fully transcribed by selecting the “View the Court Rolls” button at the top of this page.
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The Manor Court Rolls 1486 - 1546
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