Some of the following books can be downloaded in PDF format, they are also available in print. Prices plus postage and packing available from the secretary Langham Village History Group or order online using our partner GENfair by selecting the “Click to purchase on-line” next to each publication. Langham Remembers Them - Price £5.00 - Click to purchase on-line by History Group member, Brenda Burdett, is a remarkable tribute to the men of Langham and Barleythorpe who gave their lives in WWI. It includes their photographs, backgrounds, regiments, where they fought, the circumstances of their deaths and where they are buried or honoured. In addition there is a timeline, information on the outbreak of the conflict, the medals awarded, Langham’s war memorial and more. Tales of Langham : “Things Were Different Then” - Price £3.00 - Click to Purchase on-line Bill Nourish (now in his nineties) has been writing down his memories of his boyhood and youth in Langham for a number of years and all of them are included in Langham Village History Group’s archive. On several occasions, Bill told us that he has “run dry” but fortunately, this was not been the case. Thanks are due to Freda Smithson, Bill’s typist, and to Brenda Witcomb for her illustrations. Click here to download a sample page. The Life and Families of 17th Century Langham - Price £5.00 - Click to purchase on-line Sample chapter available for download - select link above for further details Three Women of Langham - Price £2.50 - Click to Purchase on-line This booklet by Elizabeth Mann and illustrated by Brenda Whitcomb is an account of three women living at different social levels in Langham during the 17th century. Women leave fewer records behind than the men, looking at their lives often means looking at the wills and inventories of their husbands. Grace Fracey is an exception to this. Whilst research about 17th century society in general, and these women in particular, underpins the accounts of their lives, fiction fills in the details. This provides a comparison of these women at various stages in their lives, the similarities and differences. Looking Back at Langham - Price £2.00 - Click to purchase on-line A series of articles written for the Langham News between 1989/2000 and exhibition texts from the Lookback at Langham exhibition held May 1991 and the Langham 2000 exhibition held May 2000. The delightful illustrations were drawn by Anthony Wright. Published January 2011 - Click here to download a sample page Langham Lads - Price £2.00 - Click to purchase on-line The stories in this booklet take a nostalgic look at village life in Langham in the early part of the twentieth century. Most of the stories first appeared in the Langham News and we are grateful to Bill Nourish, Fred Palmer’s daughter, Ann (to whom his tales were told) and the Langham News, for allowing Langham Village History Group to publish them in this format. - The charming illustrations were drawn for us by Brenda Witcomb. Published March 2011. Click here to download a sample page Mills and Millers of Langham - Price £2.75 - Click to purchase on-line Evidence from a variety of sources indicates that Langham had, at various times, over the centuries three recorded windmills, a water mill and a malt mill; the last working wind mill in Langham was no longer in use by the late 1800s. Early written evidence of a Langham mill dates from the Oakham Survey of 1305, which gave details of land and tenants in and around Oakham for the Earldom of Cornwall and stated that “the Windmill at Langham is worth yearly £4.” It also recorded that Langham bondsman Hugh, son of Richard, paid rent of 6d for a lane to the mill. Was Hugh the miller at this time? Another early mention of a mill at Langham dates from the 1400s when the Priors of Brooke were granted the tithes of the mills of Oakham and Langham. Langham School Days - A Rutland School 1876 - 2000 - Price £3.75 - Click to purchase on-line In 1991, Maggie Wilson, the then head teacher of Langham School, selected entries from the school Log Books for a Langham Village History Group publication entitled :- “Look Back at Langham School, 1876-1991” Many of those entries appear here with additional extracts having been selected by members of Langham Village History Group in the course of ongoing research into schooling in the village. We are grateful to Maggie and to subsequent head teachers, for allowing us to use this material. In this volume we have included a brief history of the schools in Langham and some memories which we gratefully acknowledge: Margaret Catchpole (nee Hubbard) was born in Langham in 1908, moved away when she went into service but returned to Rutland in 1949 and remained until her death in 2006. Ben Walker came to Langham as a small child in 1915 and died here in 2008. Dorothy Palmer (nee Isaac) was born in Langham in 1917, spent her life here, and died in 1998. Audrey Hubbard (nee Rudkin) who lived in Langham all her life was a pupil at Langham School in the 1930s, became a pupil teacher there in the 1940s and returned as a classroom assistant in the 1970s. Audrey died in 2012. John Carter, whose home was in Essex, was evacuated to Langham from Walthamstow, East London, in 1939, he died in 2015. Ann Grimmer (nee Palmer) a Langham native, is a member of Langham Village History Group. Linda Gibson, Pamela & John Denny and Sheila Cooper contributed their memories. Langham in the Past - Download FOC A series of articles about old village life written by Don Mantle for the Langham News and published in their entirety for the Langham 2000 exhibition held May 2000. Langham Wartime Experiences American Style - Download FOC as a pdf The story of the 1943/4 invasion of Langham and its environs by the American 82nd Airborne Division. They Left Langham - Price £3.50 - Click to purchase on-line The Stories of Families who, over the centuries, have emigrated from Langham. Starting in the 17th century with James Hubbard, concluding with families who left the village in the late 20th century. Click here to download a sample page Some Memories of Langham by Dolly Palmer - Download FOC as a pdf Personal memories of Langham in the 1920's. Langham Village Walk and Map - FOC - Collect a copy or download A guided tour of the village with points of local interest and history. Copies may be picked up from the church, please leave a donation to church funds.
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