Abbott, John Aldridge, Frank Aldridge, Walter F. Arnold, Arthur Baker, Miss E. M. Barnacle, John G. Bird, Sidney Bristow, Wm. E. 2nd-Lt. Burdett, Cecil David Burdett, Ernest Burdett, George Burton, W. S. Casterton, Geo. Harrop Champion, Bob Clancy, Sidney Clarke, Edward James Clarke, Frederick Clarke, Samuel C. Clarke, Wm. Henry Cole, Frank Knight Cole, George Cole, Richard Conder, Arthur Conder, James Conder, Joseph Cousins, A. Cousins, Frank Cox, Harry Cramp, William Davenport, Edward Wm. Davenport, David Walter Dawson, A. E. F. Colonel Duffy, John Edwards, Ronald Faulks, Frank Faulks, George Faulks, Jim Gale, George Goodacre, John Henry Gosling, Albert G. Grimley, T. J. Harris, George
Hibbit, Amos Hollingshead, Edgar E. Hollingshead, Hedley Horton, Diverous Hubbard, Harold (R.N.) Hubbard, Harold James Hubbard, Tom Robert Isaac, Robert George Jackson, Geo. Laban Janney, Ernest Wm. Jarmin, Henry Lee, Wm. James McClelland, Jos. V. 2nd-Lt. Matthew, George Maude, John Henry Meadows, Albert E. Meadows, Chas. Herbert Munday, Cyril Munday, Newton Munday, Lan Munday, T. Jnr. Munday, Thomas Wm. Neal, Sidney Newell, Ernest Newell, Harry Nourish, Joseph Nudds, C. Peacock, Victor (RN.) Peet, Horace Prince, Charles W. Rowett, John Henry + Rowett, Thomas Henry + Royce, Herbert Rudkin, William Sewell, Chas, Pettifer Sewell, Frank Sewell, George Sharpe, George Henry Shillaker, Harry Shillaker, Thomas V. B.. Shillaker, Victor Shuttlewood, Ronald E.
Shuttlewood, William Sickling, Herbert Smith, Charles Smith, Charles Wm. Smith, Danzey Smith, John Henry Smith, John Wm. Smith, Stafford Squires, Hy. Cecil 2nd Lieut. Steel, Albert Steele, George Steel, Herbert Clifford Steel, Leslie James Stimpson, Frederick Stimpson, Harold (RN.) Storer, George Storer, William Taylor, Harry Thompson, William Turner, James Vincent, Albert Harry Vincent, Rodney Veasey, C. Veasey, William Wade, Albert Walters, Wm. Henry Ward, Ernest Warwick, Edward Waterson, Frederick Waterson, Wm. Thomas Weston, George Wilkinson, Geo. Wm. Williamson, Fred Williamson, Geoffrey Williamson, Jesse Williamson, J. H. Williamson, Martin Williamson, Philip Worsdale, James Worsdale, Thomas
In 1911 Langham’s total population was 625 of which 320 were males. 141 joined HM Forces to serve in the Great War. 18 were killed and 21 were disabled.
Langham Village History Group
+ Corrected spelling - recorded as Rowlett in Rutland and the Great War
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World War I - Langham, those who served
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