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Langham Church of England Primary School aims to provide an education that will enable each individual child to discover their full potential in a happy, caring, stimulating, Christian environment. We know that each child’s education is extremely important, for it provides the building blocks for a fulfilling life. We would like to invite you to visit our school to meet with the staff and children and to see the range of facilities and opportunities that we are able to offer. The school is set in attractive grounds and gardens. The tree-lined playing field, pond area and two playgrounds provide the children with a stimulating and pleasant learning environment. Our catchment area includes Langham, Cold Overton, Knossington, Market Overton, Newbold, Owston, Teigh, Thistleton, Whatborough, Withcote and Ashwell. We welcome applications from families living in other areas and a growing number of parents from outside the catchment area are choosing to send their children to Langham School.

Langham C.E. Primary School

Langham in Rutland