Lord Ranksborough was instrumental in setting up a “Home Defence Corps” later known as the Rutland Volunteer Regiment. Langham was part of “A” Company. Ruddle, G. Captain C.O. Squires, J.H. 2 nd Lieutenant Steele, G.E. Sergeant Bryant, E. Lance-Corporal Smith, J.W.S. Lance-Corporal Privates Almond, C. Billsdon, B. Burdett, D. Colbourne, W. Conder, H. Cox, C. P. Crane, W. E. Faulks, John Faulks, Jos. Harris, A. Healey, C. Hollingshead, M. C. Leaver, S. Lindsey, W. Mantle, M. McClelland, J. Nourish, T. W. Papworth, R. C. Sewell, W. J. C. Sewell, W. S. Shillaker, H. B. Shillaker, H. G. Stacey, O. Thompson, J. Tidd, D. Walker, J. Williamson, F. W. The Great War was on when I was a child. Various memories are conjured up of that period. My father was farming, which was a reserved occupation; he was, nevertheless, in the Volunteers (like the Home Guard of the 1939-45 War). They wore khaki battle dress and assembled in the Institute (Village Hall). The squad was drilled by George Ruddle.
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